The process of tile flooring always seems easy to do however even the most minor problems can lead to a much more complicated tile installation issue. 

1. Loose 

When layering new tiles over old tile flooring, ensuring that there are no loose tiles is very important. Checking on loose tiles can be done Rey easily through tapping the old tile one by one and looking out for a sound that is hollow. The hollow sound you are hearing only means that the tile did not fully stick to the flooring underneath it and can become a problem in the future. This can cause your new flooring to pop out and can waste the costs you invested on installing new tiles.  

2. Dirty surface 

A dirty surface will inhibit proper bonding between the old tile flooring or the surface where the new tiles will be installed. Whether you are going for the process of removing your old tile flooring or going for layering it over the top of the old flooring, cleaning the surface before installing the new tiles is very important. Without proper cleaning or stepping of the surface you are going o stick the tiles to, you are diminishing the chance of your tile properly sticking to the surface you are putting it on.  

3. Not using enough adhesive 

An adhesive is what is used to stick the tile on the surface of your floor. To make sure that the tile sticks properly, the adhesive must be properly distributed and amount applied should be enough or generous to ensure that the tile will stick properly. Sometimes, the adhesive applied is not spread properly and this can cause the tile to no stick well. Make sure that when you are applying adhesive, you are putting a generous amount and applying it evenly on all sides, center or sides. 

4. Using the wrong grout 

The grout is used to fill in the gaps between the tiles. Through adding water to grout, the solution becomes a paste texture and will ensure that it will not be too dry for the process of installation. To ensure that you are consistent with the color of the grout for your tile flooring, order your grout in bulk amount and don’t try to buy in little-by-little amounts. This is to make sure that the color of your grout is in unity since sometimes, the batch of grouts can alter in shade. Before using your flooring, especially in your bathroom, allow for a 2-hour drying time. After waiting for 2 hours, your flooring is ready for use.  

Flooring is a challenging and time-consuming job. If you are a busy person with a hectic schedule then you should think twice on doing your flooring yourself. Tile flooring will need patience and consistency and catching up on time may not be the best part of the equation in ensuring a good quality tile installation. Leaving the tile installation task to the pros will ensure that the installation is done properly and will ensure that you will not be spending on unnecessary maintenance after a few months. Tile installation Dallas will cover you on your tile installation needs. Just check on for more details!